• 6th & 7th Grade Purim Schpiel "Muppets Take Purim" 6th & 7th Grade Purim Schpiel "Muppets Take Purim"
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Welcome to Congregation Or Ami

Congregation Or Ami, “Light of My People,” is a dynamic, sacred community - Kehillah Kedoshah - welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds who seek spiritual fulfillment and involvement grounded in principles of the Reform Jewish Movement.

We affirm fresh pathways and approaches to our core values:

Thus, individually and as a congregation, we interpret the tenets of social action and ethical imperatives in our lives through our relationship with Torah, prayer, and tikkun olam (making our world whole).



msChoc msChoc Dear Congregant:

We will be conducting our annual PASSOVER CANDY SALE during the month of February.  We will be selling Kosher for Passover candy and confections.  Every edible item will have a certification of Passover Kosher Supervision.  Our Personal consideration will be given to all orders, however large or small.  Let us take care of your Passover holiday needs. If you are interested in purchasing Passover candy, macaroons, etc., please fill out the order form below and mail it back with the correct payment.  Your check must accompany your order.  Please make check payable to our organization.  All orders must be received in the office by March 2nd.  Online orders can be until the end of March.  Thank You!

Click the logo to view/print the form!


We will need a veritable mountain of charoset for our Passover Seder Tuesday April 15th.
If each person  makes just a little, the mountain will be reduced to the proverbial molehill.

Please email me at lcparker2@verizon.net if you love chopping and can help -
or, if you just like apples, please give me a call @ 282-0134.  We'll talk and chop!

With my gratitude,


I am collecting any and all used ties.  (I use them to make hats.)
If you have some that you no longer wear, or want to make room for new Father’s Day gifts - please consider passing them my way.

There will be a box in the lobby to drop them off easily.

Thanks so much!

Sue Shires